Perfect Mornings & Staying Organized Ft. Nunco Designs Company


Life can can get extremely busy when you’re always on the go. One of my favorite things in life is to have long mornings. Mornings where you take your sweet time to get up, get ready, and catch breakfast (or at this point it’s brunch). Or I love mornings with breakfast in bed and just laying there until you realize half the day is over. No matter which it is, I love to include some sort of writing.

One of my favorite simplicities in life is to write. I write absolutely everything down. I write for reflection. I write for organization. I write to remember things I need to do. I write to hold onto memories. I write for EVERYTHING! I’ve always found writing extremely therapeutic and relaxing. It’s a better option than writing everything electronically. Being so busy all the time, it’s easy find myself so disorganized I go crazy. Thankfully,  Nunco Designs Company helped provide some goodies that I couldn’t resist to have for all my writing needs.

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Valentines Day: Morning to Night


Happy Valentines Day! Honestly, there’s nothing more adorable, but still simple than breakfast in bed. It doesn’t even need to be on the morning of Valentines Day. This cute setup could be served for one (Tiffany Gift box optional…!), just saying! Spend the morning enjoying scones, tea, and fresh flowers! And there’s seriously nothing better than receiving some fresh flowers. I am totally in love with these boxed flowers from Pale Petals  If you want to hint something out to your boyfriends, girls… These are literally perfect! They come in a beautiful blue box bowed with ribbon (that I will be keeping because I love it so much)! I’ve had them for almost a week, and they’re surprisingly still fresh and vibrant. Plus, they’re super instagrammable!

Time for outfits! This is the cutest pajama set from Forever 21! It’s insanely comfortable and soft, and not to mention, I LOVE the color. Perfect for Valentines day! Adding a sexy lace bralette under like mine from With Love Lily. The detail on it is so beautiful and lacey with some beading. IMG_9276

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So what about after? I’ve put together a really easy look that looks way more put together than it actually is. I’m wearing a lace two piece from AMI Clubwear . I love two pieces so much because they look AWESOME together, but can also be worn apart. This romantic two piece would be perfect for a date on Valentines Day! I’m in love with the white look and especially this lace. For some warmth I put on a knitted coat from AMI Clubwear. It’s super thick and warm, but not as heavy as a real coat. I also looooove this beige color, it’ll go with everything! For the shoes, I opted for a simple nude heel. I love going for a SUPER high heel (since I’m short), but I wanted to go for a look that could be worn in the day or night. These heel are from ZooShoo, one of my FAVORITE online stores for shoes. These are super classy with the closed pointed heel, but the lace up adds a sexy touch.


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