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Happy Halloween!! Better late than never! Haha. This year’s halloween was quite uneventful, but I still wanted to dress up and do something fun in spirit of the holiday. One of my favorite albums released this year is Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande and I thought it was a fun idea to dress up as her album cover for Halloween. Plus, it was an excuse to get in the studio with Geremy so he can play around with the concept, too.

It was pretty easy to imitate the look of Ariana’s dangerous woman. She wears some sort of black bustier top, a jeweled statement necklace, and her iconic bunny mask. These items were really easy to come by, which I really liked since I wasn’t looking for a complicated costume. I ended up wearing a black dress from Ambiance SF I already had in my closet. It worked out for me since I was just looking for something black with a sweetheart neckline and straps. For the necklace, I found one from Forever 21. I wasn’t looking for the exact necklace, but one similar enough that it replicated large gems. The last and most important piece is the bunny mask! I originally bought mine off Amazon for about $5, but it came in white. I spray painted the mask black to give it that shine that Ariana’s has. I’m pretty sure her mask is latex, but my spray painted mask duplicated hers well enough. The mask honestly fits really funny on, but for the purposes of the costume, it looks fine.

As you can see, not everything I exact to hers, but this was for Halloween so it doesn’t have to be! I just had a lot of fun channeling my inner dangerous woman!

Anyways, heres the entire set shot by Geremy + Ariana’s photos! Enjoy!





Photography – Geremy Magbanua 


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2 thoughts on “Dangerous Woman

  1. This is honestly my favorite song from Ariana Grande and you portrayed this look of hers so well. Deep, dark and mysterious. Different look for both you and Ariana!

    -Meila from worldofadesigner.com

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