Finding confidence in 2018

Happy 2018 everyone! I’m back from the holiday season in this comfy lounge look featuring this strappy lace bodysuit from La Senza. I was a little nervous to post this set. I felt that I can’t really pull off the sexy lounge look. I’ve also never really been one to post these looks or expose myself like this before. I usually only post “cute, girly” content, which is totally fine, since that’s totally my style. Admittedly, when I get sent any intimate pieces to style on my blog or Instagram, I would usually post flat lays to avoid having to post myself in the actual bra or other piece of intimate. It’s not that I wasn’t comfortable in my body. It’s just that I felt scared to expose myself in this way. But here I am!!!!

The statement “New year, new me” really kicked in! I’m stepping out of my comfort zone in this La Senza piece and channelling my sexier side! I’m a 22 year old woman and I shouldn’t be afraid to embrace my body. Thanks to this body suit from La Senza that gave me to confidence to feel sexy and beautiful! This La Senza maroon lace bodysuit is simply gorgeous. I initially loved it because of the strappy detailing across the neckline and around the bodice. The piece also includes details like lace and velvet, which makes it the more girly and sexy. I can’t forget to mention the beautiful color of the bodysuit. This deep red channels a more sensual look.

La Senza has a great variety of lingerie, bras, panties, loungewear, and pjs. You can check out my bodysuit linked here. You can also check out their other pieces of lingerie here. They have a really good selection, especially if you want something different in your lingerie wardrobe. A lot of their lingerie is lacy and strappy, but still really cute (my style!!) Check them out yourself for some pieces that will bring you confidence! Also check out their coupon page here to get some discounts like free shipping! Thank you La Senza and Stylinity to partnering up with me.

Photography – Geremy Magbanua 

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