It’s Still Summer

Hi guys! It’s been a while, but I finally wrapped up my second YouTube video. This one was super fun to film at the Solage Calistoga (located in Calistoga, California). Their spa and resort was the perfect place to wear all my swim suits featured in the video. I’m such a huge swim suit junkie so I had to end my summer with a swim suit video! 
Did I mention there is a giveaway at the end of the video? Yes! Rio Swim and I partnered up so one of you guys can win your own swim suit. Trust me, you’ll want to enter. Rio Swim is one of the best quality swim suits I’ve ever felt and worn. Find my giveaway post (here) and follow the rules in the caption.
Special thanks to the Solage Calistoga for letting me film at their spa. Thank you Rio Swim for partnering up with my to host this giveaway. Also, thank you Geremy for being my right hand man and helping me every step of the way. No seriously, without his kind heart, I wouldn’t be able to do these fun video projects. So thank you everyone! 

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