One T-shirt, Three Ways



One of my favorite closet essentials are my beloved t-shirt dresses! They’re perfect for those lazy days when you don’t feel like wearing anything — and you might as well not be because that’s how it feels.  I was so excited to add this t-shirt dress from Shop Remedy to my closet. All my t-shirt dresses are muted stripes or plain colors, this one has a fun text that says ‘GOODBYE’ and an uber cool planet graphic.



Other than t-shirt dresses being super comfortable, cute, and trendy, they’re versatile! They can be worn in so many adorable ways. I style my Goodbye Planet top from Shop Remedy in three different ways.


1. No pants are the best pants 

The easiest outfit to put on is literally just slipping into the t-shirt dress. I styled the shirt by cuffing up the sleeve to give it a better fit. The best accessory are your legs. Don’t be afraid to show yours off, girl!  But since I am short, I added some height with some black platform booties. My vintage jean jacket looks awesome being held or thrown over my shoulders. I love the color of classic denim. To finish it off, I’m wearing my matte black cat eye sunnies for extra funk!

Outfit details:  1. Goodbye Planet Top – Shop Remedy // 2. Black Faux Leather Platform Booties – Make Me Chic // 3. Oversized Jean Jacket – Vintage // 4. Matte Black Sunnies – ZooShoo


2. Over the Knee Boots

If it’s still too cold to let your legs free, the next best option to wear a t-shirt dress in the winter is with some over the knee boots. Over the knee boots have been my FAVORITE trend this past Fall and Winter. I’ll wear them with anything and everything. I can’t get over how well these Steve Madden boots hug my legs! They look super great with any top that hits me around the upper thigh, which makes the t-shirt dress perfect. My flannel adds some pattern to my outfit. I love the slim fit of my flannel. It isn’t too baggy or long that it overlaps my dress or floods over my arms and legs.

Outfit details: 1. Goodbye Planet Top – Shop Remedy // 2. Heeled Over the Knee Boots- Steve Madden // 3. Green/Blue Flannel – Light In the Box // 4. Matte Black Sunnies – ZooShoo


3. Oh So 90s!

This is my favorite way to style the tee. I love this tee because, unlike most, it has a design that’s cute enough the be worn as a just a shirt. Just tie the extra fabric around the waist and now it’s a shirt! I was inspired by the 90s design on the tee, so I thought, why not go all out? Also, if you notice, it’s a combination of outfits 1 and 2! Yes, this outfit was an accident, I just happened to throw these pieces on after shooting outfits 1 and 2. The shot above was actually taken on the way back to the car! Anyways, I’m loving the vintage 90s vibe from the outfit. I put on my light wash boyfriend jeans that has some distressing & my tall black booties. Together, they slim out the look against all my layering. The oversized denim jacket thrown over my shoulders and tied flannel around the waist are just perfect. To tie everything in, I topped it off with a vibrant pink Polo hat. Too perfect for the 90s look.


Outfit details: 1. Goodbye Planet Top – Shop Remedy // 2. Green/Blue Flannel – Light In the Box // 3. Black Faux Leather Platform Booties – Make Me Chic // 4. Oversized Jean Jacket – Vintage  5. Matte Black Sunnies – ZooShoo // 6. Pink Hat – Polo Ralph Lauren

Photography – Geremy Magbanua

3 thoughts on “One T-shirt, Three Ways

  1. Just curious but do you wear anything underneath the t-shirt dress in outfit 1 like shorts? I always feel way too worried that something might show when I wear dress that’s too short.

    1. Hi Brittany! Thanks for checking out my blog! I actually don’t because I’m really short (5 “1). If you’re worried about the t-shirt dress rising, wear some shorts. When I wear shorts under short t-shirt dresses, I put on Brandy Melville Vodi shorts. They’re really thin, short, and comfortable so it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything underneath!

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