Summertime Florals

Since we’re heading into October, we’re transitioning into Fall!! But seriously, California does not get a fall … at least not until around Thanksgiving. At least in the Bay area, we get really late summers. August to September tend to be a tad hotter than June and July so I’ve still been rocking some of my summer pieces lately.

I got this lovely two piece dress from Love Verity. They have the cutest selection of dresses and two pieces that embody a romantic Californian vibe. Two pieces are so awesome because they can be worn together or apart (woohoo a two-in-one!!) I’m such a sucker for maxi pieces and this piece caught my eye for the high slit and tie top. Loving the whole set just because it’s so laid back and romantic, which is definitely my style in day time dresses. The best thing about top that tie like that is that is can be tied multiple ways. I tied this in a bow in the front, or I can wrap it around, or really any way I can creatively tie it! Although I styled it this way, with the tie creating a plunging neckline, I can wrap it so it covers up more. This piece is so versatile and can be worn for a day time picnic or even to a fancy event like a wedding. I have a bunch of floral dresses in my closet, but I think this is one of the cutest I collected this summer. Make sure to check out Love Verity for more flowy romantic pieces!

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Outfit Details
Two Piece – Love Verity // Shoes – AMI Clubwear

Photography – Thea Lau

Museum Of Ice Cream SF

You’ve been living under a social media rock if you’ve never heard of Museum of Ice Cream. The first location is in Los Angeles and the newest location in San Francisco just opened this past weekend.  I was lucky enough to attend before opening day to see it all first! When the MOIC opened up in LA a few months ago, my Instagram feed was FLOODED with beautiful pink photos, sprinkle pool shots, and crazy candy! Obviously, I loved and adored every single of them. I even contemplated going down to LA to go there. I was obviously ecstatic to find out that it was making it’s way to SF!  Keep reading on to see my full experience at MOIC SF, (most) of the rooms, and my honest review if it’s worth the whopping $38 per ticket.

Be prepared for A LOT of pink photos…

Down the ice cream vault … What is so cool about the MOIC is that the building is an old bank, so walking through the museum, you’re literally walking from transformed room to room. There are so many tiny details around each room, make sure you take your time to look at them all! As I’ve heard about the MOIC LA, it’s one huge warehouse type building. I could be wrong. Anyways, we begin the journey by going down some stairs into the ice cream vault which is “the magical door” to the ice cream magic! Super cute concept and definitely gets you hyped up!

Carnival Games! This room was so much fun because it’s carnival themed! Totally LOVING the striped pink walls and carnival tickets all over the floor. You can play ring toss on the whipped cream bottles and win prizes if you make it. Already getting interactive with the museum, so that was fun. Sadly, I didn’t win any prizes, aha. It’s ok! They also have screens in a few select rooms you can do some fun boomerang videos in and airdrop or e-mail them to yourself!

Scooping Bi-Rite … I think this was one of my favorite rooms in the whole museum! One, they served Bi-rite, one of my favorite ice cream stops in SF ever. And two, it is the cutest pink 50’s inspired diner with the bar stools, juke box, and everything! Ok, and don’t get me started on this ice cream flavor!! It’s called Strawberry Ginger Snap, an exclusive flavor made from bi-rite and holy yes, it is so bomb! I’m not sure if they’ll be the main sponsor throughout the duration of MOIC SF, but get it while you can! It’s like a strawberry ice cream with some sort of or cinnamon or graham cracker twist to it. SO GOOD! … Can I back just for this flavor???

Spell it out … This next room is a huge freezer filled with .. you guessed it .. more ice cream! The pink magnetic letters cover all four walls and you can pretty much spell or create anything you want. This room provides you with some mochi ice cream, yes, MOCHI! Choose your flavor, chocolate, strawberry, or cookies and cream.

Sugar high!! Ok, I seriously just finished my mochi ice cream and as soon as I walk into the next room, there is GLITTER COTTON being spun! And yes, they spray magical glitter all over it! This room is seriously so dreamy with the floating cherries and cotton candy clouds! Can I mention that it’s also blinding in here because of the metallic (but beautiful) pink wallpaper.

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How I’m Changing My Style

Many people know me for my whimsical, girly, and pastel-toned closet. It’s not a lie! I’m seriously attracted to anything pink and girly, but with the changing seasons, I feel a change of style coming along! It’s really funny how on Instagram, I posted 4 consecutively all black outfits (with no pink) and I got an overwhelming response with people noticing!

I love having my trendy and statement pieces in my closet, and I feel like I’ve been collecting so many beautiful pieces for a while now. With Fall coming up, I’m definitely going to work on styling more simple and basic piece that can be worn multiple ways. While still trying to embody my personal style, I love wearing pieces that are sleek to my body. I’ve already started looking at some simple pieces that still make a statement. I gave it a try by styling this outfit. It’s a really easy, but put together look, with some high waisted jeans and a straight cut bodysuit. This could’ve been styled with some white sneakers for a more casual look, but I think the ankle heels tie my look together. Plus, it’s definitely more my style to wear heels!

Outfit Details // These are my favorite jeans ever — From PacSun. And trust me, I don’t own that many jeans because they’re uncomfortable on me. But these ones fit me so perfectly, the waist (I’m a size 23) and the length (I’m 5 “1). I’m short so these actually cut perfectly on me, which is EXTREMELY difficult to find. My favorite place to denim shop is definitely PacSun, ASOS, and MissGuided, because they have a petite section!  Wearing the bodysuit goes so well with the jeans for it’s high waist and fitted size. It’s from Motel Rocks. It has a super sexy surprise is in the back! It’s completely backless, but has just little straps as dainty detailing. Lastly, the jacket is from Tobi!

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