Perfect Mornings & Staying Organized Ft. Nunco Designs Company


Life can can get extremely busy when you’re always on the go. One of my favorite things in life is to have long mornings. Mornings where you take your sweet time to get up, get ready, and catch breakfast (or at this point it’s brunch). Or I love mornings with breakfast in bed and just laying there until you realize half the day is over. No matter which it is, I love to include some sort of writing.

One of my favorite simplicities in life is to write. I write absolutely everything down. I write for reflection. I write for organization. I write to remember things I need to do. I write to hold onto memories. I write for EVERYTHING! I’ve always found writing extremely therapeutic and relaxing. It’s a better option than writing everything electronically. Being so busy all the time, it’s easy find myself so disorganized I go crazy. Thankfully,  Nunco Designs Company helped provide some goodies that I couldn’t resist to have for all my writing needs.


Let me start off with saying I’m an absolute notebook junkie. I’m a sucker for anything cute and paper related. When I saw Nunco Designs Company‘s adorable and fun designs, I couldn’t resist. I have the  Marmori Notebook, Lukkanitty Tear-Off NotepadConfetti Pocket Notepad.

Marmori Notebook

What caught my attention with this notebook at first was the cool water-painted design on the cover. It resembles a marble like print, but if you look closely, it looks like it’s designed from pencil sketchings. Whichever it is, the design is beautiful and I don’t have any simple notebooks like this. I thought the simple cover would fit right into my collection of notebooks. This one is fairly small (15.5 cm x 11 cm), so I don’t use to for everyday journal writing. I love to use it to stick polaroids in and make notes about them so I can document memories.

Lukkanitty Tear-Off Notepad

Who doesn’t need a to-do list notepad in their life?  I’m constantly making lists and making notes of things I have to do in my head, so this writing pad is perfect. I love the girly design of flowers at the bottom and the hand written text. This pad it quite thick, it has 70 sheets, so this is last me a while. Overall, this cute pad is absolutely adorable and I’ll definitely getting some use out of it. Plus, it’s super cute and pretty addition to any desk display or layout.

Confetti Pocket Notepad

I knew I had to have this notebook for the water color design. Blue, pink, and gold are my favorite colors so this notebook called to me. This cute find is perfect for on the go writing. It’s tiny size is perfect for my purse or backpack without a fuss. I don’t really bring around notebook with me because I tend to forget about it, but nonetheless, I like to make random notes in these kinds of notebooks. These notes are typically things that aren’t really to-do’s or lists, but rather random notes I need to write down.

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