December has been quite a busy month for me. Finals, Christmas, and finishing up my internship with Poshmark, it’s safe to say I’m glad it’s over and now it’s time to move on to 2017! Before 2016 is over, I wanted to highlight the end of the semester Live Posh Party I was able to host as part of my internship with Poshmark.

First of all, if you’re unfamiliar with Poshmark, it’s basically an app where you can buy or sell new or previously owned clothing. It combines selling and buying fashion, but also is a social app. I’ve been a Poshmark user for about 4 years now! It’s a great way to make a quick buck by just selling some clothes or shoes in the back of your closest. Out of all the places to sell clothes, Poshmark is my go-to! Especially because it’s a safe and dependable platform. Especially for girls like me, that only wear clothes once or twice and never again! I love cleaning out my closet, ridding myself of unworn clothes, and finding new things to list.

You can find the app in the app store! Make sure you use my referral code HOPYC while signing up to receive $5 in credit towards your first purchase.

Anyways, this semester, I was fortunate enough to intern for Poshmark as their #PoshOnCampus Captain Rep for SJSU. Feel free to check out their website to learn more about the program here. #PoshOnCampus is essentially a college program designed to bring Poshmark brand awareness to our college campus. Every campus did different things in order to tailor the program for their campus. This semester, Poshmark worked with Bay Area schools, and I was lucky enough to work with 4 other girls on my team. We worked together to plan and host marketing events for our school, manage social media, and much more. To celebrate the end of our semester, we were able to host a huge live Posh party for our campus.

Even though I’ve only planned small scaled events, I’ve found it to be something I really really love to do. Our Posh Party was at SP2 Communal Bar + Lounge in Downtown San Jose. It’s a cozy and cute little restaurant with rustic features made it perfect for our little party. We had some custom made macarons from Macahhrun, a little macaron bakeshop that custom makes tasty macarons. She makes a the cutest little patties, and hand paints all the designs on! Food and beverages were served from SP2, too. All guests were given some goodies from our swag bags. This included some Poshmark goodies and some lashes and polish from Eyemimo, a local SF company that specializes in beauty. I’ve used their lashes before and love how light and natural they feel on my eyes. We also had a cute little display box for Eyemimo product samples that girls got to check out at the party. Other activities included raffles and a photo booth, where our guests can take home some cute photo strips. Overall, our little party was so much fun to plan and throw. Thanks to my #PoshOnCampus team for putting on this shindig with me!!

Here’s an quick little video from the party!

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