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Being a blogger and part of the fashion community on Instagram has blessed me with so many amazing things in my life. One of the best has been getting to know other fashionistas. I love how nice and supportive the girls are of whatever we work on or post. But, something that sucks about it is that we develop these friendships, but only communicate through Instagram or comments. It wasn’t until this year, I was able to actually meet the girls in the fashion community. I’m so happy to have been able to make some beautiful blogger friends. I love how we automatically understand each other and feel like we know each other prior to meeting.

One of my faves that I met this year is Diane. She’s a fellow blogger and instagammer from the Bay Area. Her blog is and her Instagram is @dianeehoang. Make sure to give her a follow! She’s definitely one of my favorite bloggers. She’s so freaking gorgeous and has bangin’ hair. Believe me! Go take a look at her blog for proof! I feel like I found a true friend in her, as corny as it sounds. The first time we met for dinner, we just ended up getting along really well and talking the whole time.

Anyways, it was about time we did a shoot together! Thank you to 4th And Reckless for sending us these booties to shoot in!






Diane and I are obviously loving the mid calf boot trend! We’re both wearing neutral toned booties from 4th And Reckless. Mine are the Niamh and hers are the Kristin boots. I’m loving the lace up detail on mine and the acrylic heel on hers.

Read Diane’s post on these booties here!

Trench Coat – Light In The Box
Shoes – 4th And Reckless

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Photography – Brandon Lee Davis

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