MAGIC with Qupid Shoes – Day 1




Hello all! This week I was lucky enough to make it out to the Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. What is MAGIC? If you’ve never heard of Magic, you can find more information about on their website linked here. But, long story short, Magic a HUGE (and I mean huge) trade show that takes place two times a year. It acts the largest showcase for brands from all over the world showcasing their latest collection. It covers every market place in the fashion industry that you could possibly think of like women’s, men’s, accessories, shoes, sourcing, and everything in between. Attending Magic allows one access to the 11 different shopping floors, super cool seminars, and various fashion shows.

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One T-shirt, Three Ways



One of my favorite closet essentials are my beloved t-shirt dresses! They’re perfect for those lazy days when you don’t feel like wearing anything — and you might as well not be because that’s how it feels.  I was so excited to add this t-shirt dress from Shop Remedy to my closet. All my t-shirt dresses are muted stripes or plain colors, this one has a fun text that says ‘GOODBYE’ and an uber cool planet graphic.



Other than t-shirt dresses being super comfortable, cute, and trendy, they’re versatile! They can be worn in so many adorable ways. I style my Goodbye Planet top from Shop Remedy in three different ways.

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Springing Backwards


I feel like it’s been winter forever (cry face). All I’ve been wearing have been dark colors like black and navy blue for the past month. Since spring time is approaching, I’ve been itching for something with color. I found the perfect piece with this mustard yellow sweater from Remedy Boutique. It’s pretty awesome because it’s warm enough for the awkward temperature in between Winter and Spring. And not to mention, it’s SUPER soft. No, it’s seriously sooo much softer than your typical cotton sweatshirt. Give me something soft to wear and I’ll love it forever!

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