How I’m Changing My Style

Many people know me for my whimsical, girly, and pastel-toned closet. It’s not a lie! I’m seriously attracted to anything pink and girly, but with the changing seasons, I feel a change of style coming along! It’s really funny how on Instagram, I posted 4 consecutively all black outfits (with no pink) and I got an overwhelming response with people noticing!

I love having my trendy and statement pieces in my closet, and I feel like I’ve been collecting so many beautiful pieces for a while now. With Fall coming up, I’m definitely going to work on styling more simple and basic piece that can be worn multiple ways. While still trying to embody my personal style, I love wearing pieces that are sleek to my body. I’ve already started looking at some simple pieces that still make a statement. I gave it a try by styling this outfit. It’s a really easy, but put together look, with some high waisted jeans and a straight cut bodysuit. This could’ve been styled with some white sneakers for a more casual look, but I think the ankle heels tie my look together. Plus, it’s definitely more my style to wear heels!

Outfit Details // These are my favorite jeans ever — From PacSun. And trust me, I don’t own that many jeans because they’re uncomfortable on me. But these ones fit me so perfectly, the waist (I’m a size 23) and the length (I’m 5 “1). I’m short so these actually cut perfectly on me, which is EXTREMELY difficult to find. My favorite place to denim shop is definitely¬†PacSun, ASOS, and MissGuided, because they have a petite section!¬†¬†Wearing the bodysuit goes so well with the jeans for it’s high waist and fitted size. It’s from Motel Rocks. It has a super sexy surprise is in the back! It’s completely backless, but has just little straps as dainty detailing. Lastly, the jacket is from Tobi!

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