Fun, sun, and PINK!!! My favorite things ever! I can’t believe I got to collaborate with Victoria’s Secret a second year in a row! (Find last years post here) I got to style their Light Lined Eyelash Lace Halter Bralette, which is their spring break essential piece this year! I got it in the burnt apple color, that doesn’t scream spring break, but it ended up being a gorgeous color under the sun. I styled it with some white shorts and a denim jacket for an all american feel.

When I got asked to collaborate with PINK, I was really excited (duh!) but I really wanted to take some fun and spring break-y photos and not repeat my shoot location as last year. I decided to just to so SoCal for a weekend and explore the beaches down there for the shoot! Super extra, right? It wasn’t that big of a deal since I have some friends down there I wanted to visit anyways. But, I had so much fun shooting these photos! SoCal just makes me really happy and the beaches are so lively. We explored Santa Monica Beach and Pier and found some awesome little spots to shoot by. Anyways, this is a set for the books, so I had to document this special trip and shoot. I’m honestly just a huge PINK lover, so please don’t mind my excitement over this collab!

Photography – Geremy Magbanua



I was given the most amazing opportunity to work with PINK by Victoria Secret to style their new Eyelash Lace Bralette! I mean, it’s no big deal?? PINK is only my favorite brand in the world… and I happen to spend all my money in that store … so I guess you can say I was pretty stoked to hear that they wanted to work with me!! When they told me they wanted me to promote their new staple piece for Spring Break, I knew exactly where I could go to do it. The beach!! I had such a fun time shooting for PINK. Thanks to my blog squad, Geremy & Lauren, for being there to help me!

… and not to mention… PINK posted me on their website and social media handles. Sorry, I’m still a little blown away by all this. It’s kinda cool, right? I’ve never partaken in such a huge campaign … and had my photo spread across such a huge brand. (again, thanks, Blog Squad!!!) They featured me on their website with all the influencers, on their app, and a bunch of other social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. And even their e-mailed newsletter… I’m just a little speechless that my photo got so much recognition. Photo credits go out to Geremy Magbanua! He’s the best for being to able to capture these.

Anyways, I loove love love this bralette so much! It’s so adorable and cute. I love how it doubles as a bralette or could be layered under a tank! It has such beautiful and soft lace. It’ll definitely be one of my staple pieces this spring. I can’t wait to style it for all my spring break events like the beach, going out with friends, being by the pool, and so on! It’ll be so easy to pair up with high waisted shots, flowy pants, or even just a swim suit. It’s literally perfect and I want it in every color!!





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