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A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend Love Pop Shop, Weddington Way’s beautiful showroom in San Francisco. If you’re unfamiliar with Weddington Way, they accommodate wedding parties (bridal parties in particular) with an easier shopping experience for dresses, accessories, and so on. They provide a virtual showroom or a real one so bridesmaid’s and the bride can collaborate with decisions easier! I was invited to their preview party event featuring Stone Fox Bride dresses and accessories! There were beautiful gowns, flower crowns, and delicious cocktails.

We first entered the doors leading to the preview party and we were immediately greeted by Weddington Way’s super warm and friendly employees. They were kind enough to offer us champaign and refreshments as we entered their office space and showroom. I fell in love immediately with the space. I was literally getting so excited and jumpy about everything I was looking at! From the white decorated and embellished room to the cute baubles on the tables, I could not stop fanning over how beautiful everything was!


The Petal Company offered to make my friend, Lauren, and me real flower crowns to match our outfits. We continued to explore and gaze over every single cute thing we touched. We shuffled through all the elegant bridesmaid dresses hung around the room and kept imaging picking out our own bridesmaid dresses one day! I couldn’t stop looking through the golden racks with such elegant dresses ranging from romantic champagnes to blush pinks (totally my aesthetic).

IMG_9170 IMG_9169_71A5873

Anyways, Lauren and I found our way around to the amazing mirrors that had adjustable lighting (I need this mirror in my life) and, sorry, but we could not stop taking pictures!  We ended up exploring the rest of the shop and even got a tour of the office space from Weddington Way’s CEO, Ilana. I could not contain my excitement exploring their BEAUTIFUL office! Thinking about it now still makes me jittery. It was such a dream. I picked up every detail, like the dark wood, the brick wall, the gold and white theme. Literally everything I would want in my own office space. To say the least, you can say I was feeling VERY inspired after and could not stop stargazing. Overall, I had an amazing time chatting with Weddington Way employees, imagining picking out my own wedding or bridesmaids dresses, sipping on champagne, trying on cute accessories, taking pictures, and just exploring! I would totally return to Weddington Way one day if I ever get married.

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Outfit details- 1. Dress- Tobi 2. Coin belt – Nasty Gal 3. Arm Cuff – Forever 21 4. Shoes – GoJane

Thank you, Geremy, for coming with me and taking some of these pictures! Check out his blog here, as well a little video he created because he’s an amazing photographer.

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